Michelle Kinney

Composer and Cellist



2012-present Ananya Dance Theater (Mpls, MN)

Created, performed, directed the improvisational score for Dance of a Thousand Water Dreams, performed in The Northern Spark Festival, St. Paul Union Depot, June ‘13.

Cello improvisations to live dance, for the past three seasons of ADT, as featured components of the full, recorded scores by Greg Schutte.

Mohona: Estuaries of Desiare, at The O’Shaughnessy Auditorium, September ‘13.

Moreechika Season of Mirage, performed at the Southern Theater, September ‘12.

Tushaanal, Fires of Dry Grass, performed at the Southern Theater, September ‘11.

2012-present TED Talks 2012 and various performances w/Black Label Movement (Mpls, MN)

Collaboratively composed score w/cellist Jacqueline Ultan for Let’s Talk About Sex by micro-biologist Ted Bohannon and choreographer Carl Flink’s Black Label Movement. Performing Arts Center, Long Beach, CA, 2012. Cowles Center, Mpls, MN, March ‘13.

Cellist/improvising performer in Wreck, score by Mary Ellen Childs many performances and full-length CD since 2008, Southern Theater, Clyde Iron Works, Duluth ‘12, Guthrie Theater, July ‘13.                                                            

2010-2012Time Track Productions, Paula Mann (Mpls, MN)

Solo cello full-length score for Here And After, performed at Cowles Center, Tek Box Theater, September 2012. Funded by Live Music for Dance/Minnesota.

Solo cello piece for Body of Light, performed at Red Eye Theater, June ‘10.

2012 Khambatta Dance Theater (Seattle, WA)

Co-created with Nirmala Rajasekar, a score for Veena and Cello for India Calling, performed at the Kirkland Center for the Arts in Seattle, WA; and at Myrna Loy

Performing Arts Center in Helena, MT, March 2012.

Also from 1990-1997 with Cyrus Khambatta’s Pffft, in NYC, the Spoleto Festival in 1994, & two France tours. My recorded scores also accompanied Pffft! in Caracas,Venezuela, St. Petersburg, Russia, and Cologne, Germany.

2006-2011 Stuart Pimsler Dance Theater Company (Mpls, MN)

Composer, performer, music director, for Ends of Love, Guthrie Theater, February ‘06,

& The Southern Theater, Mpls, MN 2011. Various workshops, performances.

1998-2009 Vicky Virgin (New York, NY)

Composer, cellist, for Salt Lake, a New Ballet, at the Baryshnikov Center, NYC, June ‘09. Additional collaborations with Vicky Virgin: August 2007 at Here Gallery, The Living Room Festival, NYC. Group shows in NYC: Dixon Place, Joyce SoHo, etc.

2003-2011Laurie Van Wieren (Mpls, MN)

Solo cello score for Who Made These Video Tapes? performed at Studio 206, Mpls, ‘11. Our body of collaborative work has also been performed in Russia & Germany.

2004-2007. Several full-length collaborative works the ‘80s and ‘90s.

Performances at The Walker Art Center, The Southern Theater, and The Ordway.

1995-1997 Mark Tompkins Company (Paris, France)

Composer/cellist (with Fast Forward and Ikue Mori), for Channels which toured

throughout Europe with an international dance company, over a period of two years.